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Embedded System Engineer

£40,000 per annum

Are you an Embedded System Engineer who is looking for the opportunity to work with industry leading experts within the power electronic field, working for one of the UK’s leading Power Electronic design and manufacturers?

The Opportunity

Our client is an award-winning Power Electronic Design and manufacture that services a variety of industry critical to the UK’S economy, including Rail, Energy and the Defence sector. Our client is praised for its innovative solutions to challenging requirements that other companies have failed on. The company offers a diverse range of products, that include power conversion equipment, high speed motors, Hermetic motors and power delivery systems. 

The role will entail the designing of software and also supporting the hardware design team, having determined software and controller requirements, validating appropriately and following the client’s software implementation program whilst maintaining all supporting documentation.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Generation and maintenance of software requirements in line with the project functional specification and company quality standards
  • Generation of software design and documentation in line with project requirements and company standards
  • Generation of efficient, well structured, annotated software code as defined in the design documentation
  • Operation of simulation tools to ensure software design operates the product control system in the desired manner. Conduct stability analysis of control system by operating simulation tools to ensure the product remains stable in all conditions
  • The production of validation and verification requirements to test that the code has met the requirements of the project
  • Conduct the verification and validation testing as necessary
  • The design / modification of embedded processor cards, peripherals, interfaces and I/O circuitry to meet the functional requirements of the project system and the operating software, including all design specification, manufacturing requirements, component definition and testing documentation
  • The integration of the embedded processor card and product operating software to deliver a combined sub-system which meets the project requirements
  • Development of next generation embedded controllers using microcontrollers/DSP’s etc as identified by the company
  • Design of interface software (ie serial link, Ethernet, CANbus, MOD Bus, ProphiBus for example)
  • Generate qualification, production test procedures and component specifications where appropriate
  • Provide advice on all aspects of design and engineering to other senior managers and staff to ensure effective decision making

Essential Skills

  • Engineering Degree in software and/or embedded systems related discipline
  • Demonstrable experience with FPGA Logic Design and simulation using high level descriptive language, preferably VHDL
  • Able to create test modules such as Pulse Width Modulator generator and communications modules such as UARTS, I2C, CAN etc
  • Working knowledge of C programming language
  • Experience in design and development of signal conditioning, processing and control PCB packages using CAD packages including analogue and digital circuits
  • Ability to operate simulation tools such as PLECS and/or Symmetrix
  • Demonstrable experience of working to recognised software processes and standards with application of Software Integrity Levels (SIL)

Desirable Skills

  • Experience of programming ARM core microprocessors and/or Infineon Tri-core processors
  • Experience of working with Power Line Communications
  • Knowledge of relevant market sectors (Energy, Rail and/or Military)
£35,000 - £45,000

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