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Handling counter offers

Counter offers should be expected as nobody wants to lose their best people. It is much easier for an employer to make a counter offer than to try and find a new person. However, with that said, counter offers are usually made in a moment of panic; once this has subsided, you may find yourself in the firing line.

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Things to remember

  • There is a reason you started looking for a new role in the first place and whilst an increase in salary may be a motivator, there are usually other reasons as to why you started the job hunting process.
  • The fact remains that you only received a counter offer as a reaction to handing in your notice.
  • Your employer may simply be making a counter offer as an interim tactic to bridge the gap whilst they look to replace you.
  • You may find your relationship with your employer and even your position in the company may change. Should there be any cutbacks in the future, you could potentially be at the top of the list.
  • Refrain from telling your existing employer what your new employer is offering in terms of salary and benefits as they will use this as a bargaining tool.
  • The likelihood of an agency or new employer considering you again is slim. If you progress all the way through the recruitment process only to accept a counter offer from your current employer, then it would be understandable that they may be wary of considering you again in future.


There is of course the exception when an attractive counter offer works out, but this is worth accepting with caution as only 6 out of 100 employees are still with the company 12 months after a counter offer is made.