Delivering a first class recruitment solution to Ricardo Rail

Following challenges in sourcing talent via alternative agencies, Ricardo Rail (previously Lloyd’s Register Rail) engaged Ford & Stanley to manage their entire recruitment process and positively promote the employer brand across the wider transportation industry.‚Äč


Our approachRicardo

Ford & Stanley were engaged to manage Ricardo Rail’s recruitment activities, implementing new processes and effectively promoting the employer brand in order to drive candidate interest.

New recruitment processes were introduced to improve efficiency, such as candidate discovery and timeline management, with Ford & Stanley’s specialist consultants given direct access to Line Managers across the organisation. In doing this our consultants were able to understand the business need for recruitment and therefore refine candidate search results to better match the desired skills and capabilities.

Communication was a key factor of success throughout all stages of the project. Ford & Stanley scheduled weekly meetings to present bespoke management information and ‘real-time’ updates which aided the recruitment process dramatically. Our key contacts within Ricardo Rail felt consistently informed and reported an increased awareness of the entire recruitment process.

All candidates were headhunted from other organisations, demonstrating Ford & Stanley’s abilities in sourcing the right talent for the right role.


Strengthening the employer brand

Ricardo Rail collaborated with Ford & Stanley Consulting to strengthen their employer brand through development of their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The EVP promotes a true representation of the rewards and benefits received within the workplace, communicated by existing employees in both written and audio visual format.

Our expert consultants conducted independent interviews encouraging employees to speak openly about the business culture, benefits and opportunities. All employee feedback was very positive, with some powerful stories and messaging fed into both the written and audio visual versions of the EVP.

Using this as a differentiator within the market not only positively promotes the brand but also aids recruitment, with potential candidates gaining a better understanding of what it’s like to work for the company.



  • Ford & Stanley are engaged as the sole recruitment supplier for Ricardo Rail
  • 100% of positions offered across all areas of the business within the pre-agreed timeline
  • An increase of direct applications by way of effective promotion of the employer brand through the company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Average time to hire reduced from up to three months to only six weeks
  • As Ford & Stanley are a specialist recruiter within the transportation industry, this attracted candidates not currently based in the UK giving Ricardo Rail competitive advantage
  • All role profiles are now standardised to be more attractive to potential candidates
  • Bespoke management information and communications tools utilised to ensure managers are kept fully informed and aware of all key stages across the recruitment process
  • Use of innovative recruitment techniques and new technology such as Skype to ensure efficiency across the entire recruitment process