Relocation support for Wabtec Rail

Following the successful placement of a Structural Engineer at Wabtec Rail in Doncaster, Ford & Stanley were engaged to provide relocation support as one of our key value added services, ensuring the transition between roles was as smooth and harmonious as possible.


Key challenges

  • Relocation supportWhere? UK relocation from Edinburgh to Doncaster
  • Lack of awareness of Doncaster and the surrounding area
  • The feeling of ‘community’ was of significant importance to the candidate when choosing a housing location
  • Timeliness was recognised as a critical success factor due to the coordination of the employment start date, housing and commencement of school term times for two children


Our approach

In partnering with relocation specialists Portixol, Ford & Stanley were able to offer an all-encompassing support service tailored to the candidate’s specific requirements.

Part of our initial approach was to assess the candidate’s current residential location in Edinburgh, obtaining further information about their lifestyle, hobbies and interests outside of work in order to evaluate key priorities. As a result there were three key factors identified that were of critical importance to the individual: a high performing school for the two children, retaining a village location and a sense of community involvement.

With this in mind Portixol narrowed the relocation search to areas east of Doncaster, that were easily commutable via road networks and public transport to both Wabtec Rail and the candidate’s home town of Edinburgh. Each of the three selected locations were outside of the city centre and in keeping with the “village feel” that was identified of critical importance. Portixol went further to research activities in each of the chosen areas, visiting the community centre, WI and parish council to better understand the sense of community.

Schools were also evaluated according to Ofsted ratings and reports, refining the search to a shortlist of six in total. Considerations were also made as to the average class size, number of students and extracurricular clubs/activities.


Orientation day

Prior to the big move, the candidate was invited to attend an ‘orientation day’ as an initial introduction to Doncaster and the surrounding area.

To maximise the amount of time spent within each location, Portixol scheduled a total of six property visits and six school visits. An orientation pack was prepared and issued to the candidate prior to the date of the visit, summarising the property description(s) and market information, school locations in comparison to each property and commuting distance to Wabtec Rail. Information was also presented on local community activities, institutions and typical events throughout the year.

As the day went on, Portixol were able to refine the remaining results in accordance with the feedback received after each property and/or school visit. Communication and retrieval of open and honest feedback was recognised as an important part of the relocation process in order to really understand the candidate’s expectations. Portixol remained flexible to the changing requirements, altering the schedule in accordance with feedback.



As a result of the orientation day and introductory visit to Doncaster, the candidate successfully secured a property and two local school places from the options presented; all of which aligned with the candidate’s financial constraints.

Once this decision had been made, Portixol provided dedicated support throughout the relocation process, arranging the relevant removal services to assist with the move and providing professional advice on contractual documentation in relation to the property. Guidance was also given with regards to mid-year admissions to the chosen school, whereby Portixol completed the relevant application forms on the candidate’s behalf in preparation for submission.

It was great to know I had access to such a dedicated and in depth level of support from both Ford & Stanley and Portixol,” said the candidate, “The level of stress often associated with relocating to a new area was completely lifted and any problems I foresaw prior to the orientation day were already resolved. This proactive level of service really helped in the transition into my new role.