Supporting Siemens Rail on a £200m London based rail bid


Ford & Stanley were engaged to provide a recommendation on availability of skills within the current market to support a £200m London based rail bid.


Key challenges

  • Siemens lack of understanding of the current candidate market
    • Competitive London rail labour market
    • Skills availability to support the project
  • Lack of salary information and availability
  • Geographical locations of Siemens sites
  • Consequent concerns of the likelihood in recruiting for the project effectively


Our approach

Ford & Stanley specifically targeted the key challenges listed above which could prohibit Siemens from successfully delivering the £200m London based project.

The research objective was to give Siemens a clear and defined overview of the labour market and evaluate the difficulties of recruiting within the current economic conditions. This ensured their bid was economically accurate and that current and future labour requirements were both relevant and achievable.

Ford & Stanley’s team of industry experts carried out market analysis and research based on a list of roles spanning all hierarchical levels provided by Siemens. To maintain participant confidentiality, our team of consultants conducted all research in a sensitive manner. The method used to gather data was telephone research using database resources and candidates identified from their existing skills, qualifications and experience.

The discussion format was designed to be part data-gathering and part conversational in terms of style, in order to understand the candidate’s perception of the project, interest levels as well as obtaining salary information.

Ford & Stanley provided both a qualitative and quantitative response to all questions surveyed and a detailed report which highlighted our conclusions and recommendations.



Ford & Stanley were able to recommend to Siemens that should they be successful in their bid, they will be able to resource the project effectively.

  • Individuals were identified at every hierarchical level with 72% of participants expressing a positive interest in the project
  • Prestige and project size were identified as major motivators for over 50% of participants surveyed despite 70% of participants rating the difficulty to recruit as 7 or higher
  • Salary benchmarking has allowed Siemens to estimate an average salary for each role identified
  • Siemens strong wider benefits package was identified as a strong selling point across the candidate market