Asset Manager (Manchester)

£40,000 - £50,000 per annum 

Are you an Asset Management professional who is interested in joining a new team and be directly responsible for assisting our client with their contractual deliverables and committed obligations mostly within the engineering, maintenance and asset management disciplines. Reporting into the Head of Asset Management, we currently have two roles available, an Asset Strategy Manager and an Asset Information Manager. 

Ford & Stanley - The Rail Recruitment Specialists are working with our client who are very early into a 10 year franchise agreement, where a great deal of investment and funding is available for ensuring infrastructure and rolling stock vehicle enhancements are completed to the highest possible standard. 

The Opportunity


Information Manager 

  • Create and Implement an Asset Information Strategy
  • Define and revise Asset Information System Requirements
  • Create and Implement Data Management Procedures
  • Create and Implement Data Governance Procedures
  • Curate content in the Asset Visualisation Room
  • Custodianship and continuous development of the Agility CMMS in relation to asset information system business requirements
  • Develop, review and prioritise asset information business cases
  • Agility mobile implementation across all engineering and asset maintenance disciplines
  • Define work management processes for scheduling planned work, corrective maintenance and work bank management
  • Promote the use of Agility across the wider business organisation (finance, commercial, service delivery)
  • Create and implement Asset Information Standards and guidelines
  • Define and Implement asset condition assessment criteria in conjunction with asset maintainers and owners
  • Define common approach to asset criticality and definitions
  • Classification of asset hierarchy
  • Ensure asset data completeness, accuracy and consistency
  • Create data quality definitions and guidelines
  • Produce data assurance and audit reports 

Strategy Manager

  • Align asset management objectives to business objectives
  • Create AM strategy to deliver the AM objectives
  • Create asset group specific AM plans to improve Asset Performance KPIs taking into consideration:
  • asset risk,
  • criticality,
  • condition and
  • lifecycle cost
  • Write and implement additional Asset Management Documentation in line with ISO55001 requirements
  • Own and develop the CoBALT WLC models for all assets
  • Develop Asset Renewal and Enhancement proposals collaboratively with TfGM, collecting WLCM evidence from the Maintenance Delivery teams and the Asset Information systems
  • Co-ordinate and ensure the periodic (4-weekly) review of the Asset Risk Register
  • Deliver a quarterly review workshop of Asset Criticality and update the Asset Risk Register accordingly
  • Use Criticality analyses to recommend updates to maintenance regime to improve Operational Excellence
  • Establish the process for conducting FMECA in relation to identifying critical failure modes 

The Candidate

  • AM best practice and standards (IAM Anatomy and ISO55001)
  • Fundamentals of Value, Alignment, Leadership and Assurance within the scope of AM
  • ISO55001 certification process

Key AM documentation purpose and content

  • AM Policy
  • AM Strategy (Strategic Asset Management Plan)
  • Asset Group Specific AM Plans
  • Demand Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management Plans

Whole Life Cost Modelling (WLCM) principles and tools

  • Asset Renewals and Enhancement decision making
  • Risk Management concepts (including Impact, Likelihood and Criticality)
  • Asset condition and remaining life assessments
  • Remote condition monitoring and data collection
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Defect Cause and Action / Fault Cause Remedy 
£45,000 +

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