Chairman sends positive message of hope to RR workers

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7 November 2014


Earlier this week, Rolls-Royce announced its was planning to shed 2,600 job worldwide, predominantly in its aerospace division, which comprises its civil aerospace and defence aerospace businesses. 

Peter Schofield, chairman of Ford & Stanley believes Rolls-Royce employees affected by threat of redundancy need not fear long-term unemployment.

Ford & Stanley provides recruitment and talent services, including occupational mental health services, to employers across the UK.

He said: "Our recruitment teams are absolutely at the sharp end of recruitment, hearing every day how employers are struggling to meet their business objectives due to shortages of skills.

"Rolls-Royce has one of the most highly trained workforces around, so they should be positive about their prospects of finding work."

Mr Schofield, who heads up Ford and Stanley's talent consulting business, which has pioneered a new approach to occupational mental health, said that fear of the unknown was the biggest threat to wellbeing when under threat of redundancy.

He said: "Without a doubt, these people will find work, but as people we are all impacted by change and particularly when we feel that change has been forced upon us.

"Employees at Rolls-Royce cannot influence the decision to make the redundancies but they can absolutely take control of how they personally respond to that event, therefore they are in control of the ultimate outcome.

"That realisation can be immensely empowering and provides the momentum needed to realise new opportunities."

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