GENIUS Performance

GENIUS Performance is split into 5 unique service offerings;

Performance Conversations

Understand yourself and everyone else

Performance Conversations gets individuals and teams talking formally and informally about the issues that underpin exceptional performance and relationships.


Performance Teamwork 

Turn groups of individuals into high trust teams

Our Performance Teamwork workshops get teams talking openly and constructively about the things that impact team performance, helping you understand the balance of your team and the high performance attributes associated with key roles within the team.


Performance Leadership

Less tell business; more show business

Our leadership workshops deliver an exciting mix of proven industry best practice and innovative, leading edge thinking, delivered with flair and panache, by experienced leaders. These workshops are carefully crafted to give leaders (and potential leaders) the confidence, appetite and skills to lead, build trust and inspire. 


Performance Coaching 

From comfort zone to high performance zone

Ensuring key individuals in your business do what they do well and feel good about themselves. GENIUS Performance Coaching is a confidential, 'as required' one-to-one service, generally involving just 1 or maybe 2 one-hour sessions, with only more serious cases taking longer.


Performance Culture 

Gets your whole business thinking and acting as one 

GENIUS Performance Culture gets your whole organisation pulling together in one direction by speeding up innovation, cutting out waste; in a straightforward, engaging and exceptionally practical way too.


Performance Recruitment

Helps you consistently identify and attract future high performers 

‚ÄčOf course, high performance always begins with recruiting the right people in the first place. GENIUS Performance Recruitment equips and trains your business you to implement a discovery process within your own business, helping you attract, recognise and recruit the high performing individuals essential to accelerating your organisations growth and success.