GENIUS gives your employees access to the same level of performance support traditionally reserved for top performers in the world of sport.
Using expertise gained over a decade of helping sports people achieve competitive advantage, our practitioners make this accessible for people working at all levels in everyday business environments, to achieve the same levels of focus that helps turn their ambitions into tangible achievements.‚Äč


GENIUS OnBoard is designed to support a new recruit through the often highly-pressurised resignation process, notice period and first 100 days of their new employment; ensuring that everything gets off to the best possible start for both the person and their new employer.
How an employer benefits from GENIUS OnBoard
  • Achieve a higher rate of acceptance when making offers of employment to people with in-demand skills
  • Ensure new recruits hit the ground running and perform at their best
  • Create a superb first impression of your company
What is the benefit for candidates?
  • Receive impartial, expert support in making the career decision that is right for them (hence their employer)
  • Continued support throughout their notice period and first 100 days of employment
  • Hit the grounding running in their new role

GENIUS Performance

When developing the GENIUS Performance programme we asked a simple question, "Why should a sportsperson be regarded as just being professional when working with their mind-coach to keep themselves on their 'A game', yet the rest of us can feel stigmatised when seeking the same kind of personal focus?"
Clearly, the answer is that there should be no difference and the GENIUS programme has proven time and again that, given the new pressures and distractions that exist in today's working environment, everybody benefits when employees are properly supported.
GENIUS Performance has three key aims:
  • To help high-performers in business stay on their 'A game'
  • To help high-performers get back on their 'A game' where some kind of event, trauma or loss of focus has seen a dip in form
  • To help potential high-performers develop the focus and confidence to get on their 'A game' as soon as possible and remain there

First response training

As part of our GENIUS service we also provide ‘first response training’ to managerial and senior members of staff who are responsible for dealing with performance related issues within the workplace.
The purpose of this training is to educate managers in effectively responding to these issues and consequent scenarios within the working environment. As a result, employers are able to identify challenges in relation to engagement and employee wellbeing, as well as coaching on how to approach conversations and use of the GENIUS programme.