Ford & Stanley sponsor RailExec Awards 2015

20 November 2015

Held at the historic Roundhouse building in Derby, the RailExec ‘Most Interesting’ Awards celebrates the most interesting to the most innovative projects across the UK industry. The annual event was attended by some of the most senior professionals within rail, from companies such as Network Rail, Hitachi Rail Europe, Crossrail, Bombardier and HS2.


In line with the theme “the future of rail,” art and design students at Derby College developed a sculpture concept to illustrate past, present and future developments within the industry. The vertical structure represents a tree formation, from the original seed invested in rail. As the tree continues to grow, elements of the sculpture begin to evolve demonstrating growth and progression of innovation and technology over time.


The sculpture was well received by attendees on the evening, with many complimenting the originality and uniqueness of the design concept. Ford & Stanley’s Customer Focus Manager, Lynsey Buxton, who led the project said, “It’s great to see the students getting involved in something different that directly contributes to their education. It’s also great to do something that has direct relevance to the college itself, with the venue located at one of the UK’s most prestigious and history-filled railway sites in the UK.”

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